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What in the Blazes!


and how exactly does this tie in with City Hall? Just saying, this article doesn't really fit this column.
@jbruner97: I just deleted a comment where I called you a dick for your earlier comment, but now I read this. What I'm going to do now is call you a dick here, and the go back to the other article, and call you a dick there like I planned.

Ahem: You are a dick. Just saying!
The issue of fire response times clearly relates to city hall because Commissioner Randy Leonard is the head of the fire bureau. Several commissioners added their comments to the audit, like Fritz's that I mentioned, and Leonard is pitching a fire bond this week that addresses some of the problems called out in the audit.
It would have been nice for this story to include the issue of the upcoming bond measure that would increase property taxes to cover capital improvements for fire and rescue. (Maybe it was not proposed until after this story was written?)

One would think cap ex for fire and rescue would be covered in the city budget. But why budget when you can just ask more from the taxpayer? It works for schools, let's try it for the fire dept!

And I really don't get the photo. It's confusing without a caption, and why include a picture of the author when a file photo of a fire station or fire truck would do just fine.

But I loved the homage paid to Matt Davis which the "hey-I-recognized-someone-from-city-hall-on-the-street-and-they-did-something-silly-and-now-it's-news-because-I-said-so" reference to Fritz' graffiti cleanup. Next time, for extra credit, try to get her to curse at you and publish the quote in the paper.
Ask not what your country can do for you but rather what you can do for your country.Fight the fucking fires yourselves then vomit when your fired by your neighbors.Just pissi'n tiny.
are you tired of fucking with the police department? good idea to criticize another profession that could potentially save your life. thanks for all YOU do.
The PFD can take all the time they want getting to a Portland Blazers game. They have special privileges and stuff.

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