News Aug 19, 2010 at 4:00 am

Greener Pastures? Bold Changes in NYC Lure Local Leader


Tom Hughes is a great guy, but that comment just completely contradicts his campaign narrative of paving over farmland, expanding the UGB and building more vacant commercial real estate. If anyone wants a Bragdon legacy, it's Bob Stacey.
Eight years as head of Metro and this all we get? David, you certainly had many opportunities to be "bold". Hopefully in NYC you can be part of the cure rather than the disease.
NYC as 'our rival'--ridiculous.
this just makes me so sad. I wish David would stay through the end of his term and keep being great. And, I so understand. I feel like we're a farm team, in this respect. And I also hope that the Stacey/Hughes campaigns recognize that we all want to hear solutions, not just campaign rhetoric!!! I am dreaming of political campaigns, that in general, change in tone. That are more helpful in themselves than just to get someone elected. More to come on this.
goodbye, David, and thank you.

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