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Memories of a Building Portland Wants to Forget


Didn't realize this place just opened a year before I came to town. Ever the dedicated pedestrian, it was easy to mark off immediately as a site to steer clear of. Textbook case of remote development entirely ignorant of the surrounding neighborhood, contributing to / amplifying all it's worst: Minimum-wage cheap non-food to-go in greazy paper, plastic & styrofoam, which found perhaps it's best utilization as pre-'n-post-digested litter. Plus "dining facilities" providing neglected shelter for all the locals' worst proclivities. Yuck! Another triumph of the free market .
While open, I wouldn't go within 50 feet of that place. No seriously. I would cross the street to avoid it.
I drove a cab for years and I wouldn't use that bathroom. I'd hold it in and drive to the other side of town rather than go into that place. Never, not once would I chance being trapped in the drive thru. I've gone in the slimiest bars in town, helped the drunkest patron to my cab and ask my out of his mind customer for money and a tip; But I would never go to that Burger King.
Hey Citizen Dan,

Whassssuupppp with dat closing line: "Another triumph of the free market"? BK didn't cause the blight - it was a nasty place long, long before 1978. Some poor slob invested his/her cash to improve the place but society (i.e., closing mental health institutions, crime that went unabated, homeless pissing on the doors, police ignoring that side of the street) ensured that wouldn't happen. Ya think that we would have improved the neighborhood with a public entity located there? Maybe an unemployment office, food bank, etc. or do you think that the government should just run all of our restaurants so we would enjoy eating out as much as we like going to the DMV?
Shit....wheres the beef?
"Wouldn't go near the place."
"Wouldn't go in."
You guys are pussies.
Used to get free burgers there back in early 90s by just uttering the words to employee "you owe me burgers for that skag" worked everytime. Of course we didn't do or sell skag. Just a trick someone told us about.
Haha @ Bilbo! I used to go there back in the 80's when i visited family here, and yeah it was a lil crazy, but I was hungry! I got my shit and just watched my back....I'm from the East side of Oakland, so I saw worse scenarios at fast food spots there than in PDX, but I don't even fuck with fast food anymore unless it's Burgerville anyway.

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