Braving the bombs: Today in Afghanistan, thousands went to vote, despite threatening bombs and rockets from the Taliban. Yeeeeaaah democracy!

Papal protest: the biggest protest of the pope's 5-year-papacy is underway in London, while he visits the UK. Hm, maybe it had something to do with him saying women priests are as bad as paedophiles.... He has apologized for all the sex abuse at least.

It's my island! Small but heated groups of protesters in China are demanding Japan give them back some islands to the northeast of mainland China.

Sealing the well: BP has started pumping cement into the Gulf of Mexico to seal off the oil well and hopefully stop all that trouble once and for all.

Hole of hope! The drill hole to save the 33 trapped miners in Chile has reached them! Now it's just going to take a little time to widen it, but they expect to have them out by early November.

Acid aftermath: Bethany Storro's parents apologize for her hoax, and promise that all money donated will be returned.

Paris Hilton escapes prison with a plea bargain (of course)

...while this parrot, caught telling a drug cartel to run from the police, was not so lucky.

Double storm: thought the storm that battered New York was a little over the top? That's cause it was caused by two tornadoes.

Want a piece of America for your collection? How bout Lady Liberty's nose.

Check out this Oregon camel that got stuck in a sinkhole and had to be rescued by firefighters. (I guess it makes a good change from cats up a tree).

Finally, this video of the cuuuutest animal in the world getting a tummy tickle ought to make your Saturday! Awwwww.....just look at those big eyes when he stops!