Gay Day! Today is the big vote on a military bill that will repeal "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" but foes are promising a filibuster.

The Deadliest Year: 529 NATO members have died this year in Afghanistan, making it the deadliest year of the nine-year war.

Bud vs. Bud. California's beer industry bankrolls pot anti-legalization group.

Lefties Vindicated! ... Eight Years Too Late. Whoopsie, says the FBI, we lied and illegally investigated "domestic terrorist" groups Greenpeace and PETA after 9/11.

Donors Hiding in Nonprofits. The big, anonymous political money-maker this election season? Political nonprofits.

Free Water for Kids! Seems like an obvious demand, but forty percent of CA schools have no free water for kids at lunch.

Twitta Hack! Someone hacked Twitter, flashing pornographic pop-up ads for some users. Why didn't I get one? :( :( :(

Former KOIN News Director Was a Fraud! Former KOIN 6 news director Jeff Alan Brent gets 15 18 months in prison for a trail of lies that stretched from abandoning his kids to stealing from unemployment.

Pornegon: Federal court strikes down Oregon law that bans giving sexy books to children, saying it's too broad and would apply to everything from sex ed books to Judy Blume.

White Portland: The Map. Cool racial cartography project maps demographics of cities. Each dot is a different race (red is "white people"). NYC vs. PDX: