Let's start out with a few developments in City Hall yesterday that you might have missed, because they happened late and we posted 'em late. After a summit with regional leaders last night, Mayor Sam Adams and Multnomah County Chairman Jeff Cogen buried the hatchet over the Sellwood Bridge rebuild. (You can also read the O's take here.) Also yesterday afternoon, the city's largest bargaining unit announced the terms of its new tentative contract with the city.

With five only days before a vote that could close their school, the parents, teachers and students of Lents' Marshall High School offered their impassioned pleas to the Portland School Board last night in hopes it might change its mind and not shutter the successful school as part of a reorganization plan.

What the fizz? New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has beseeched the federal government for permission to keep soda pop off the list of things that residents in his little town can buy with their food stamps. That way they can buy carrots 'n' shit. And stop being so fat! Never mind freedom of choice. Also, doesn't Diet coke have, like, vitamins now?

Just in time for AT&T my contract to end! iPhones that communicate over the Verizon network are expected to hit stores in the first few months of 2011, the Wall Street Journal is reporting. The move comes as Apple finds itself fending off challenges from Droid-based phones and others.

It's not what you'd call a happy anniversary. The U.S.-led invasion of Afghanistan—which began October 7, 2001—is now entering its 10th year. Remember when we were told this would be a hop, a skip and a jump? Now, as of this week, some 2,000 NATO fighters have been killed, along with thousands more Afghans. And Osama bin Laden has donned the mantle of an environmentalist. Meanwhile, Afghan President Hamid Karzai is talking with the Taliban.

What's killing the honeybees? Scientists have pinched a pair of possible perps: a fungus and a virus, often found together in affected colonies. Honeybees are important, of course, because they help almost every plant humans rely on HAVE SEX.

The White House is blaming itself, a little bit, for the BP oil debacle. One of the four draft reports on the spill released by a White House commission said the spill was made worse by conflicts between federal and local officials as well as the Obama administration's low estimates of crude gushing into the Gulf of Mexico.

Say it ain't so? Justin Bieber has been booted from Facebook. Oh, yeah, right. Not the famous one. This guy. Also: Here's why your "friends" keep unfriending you.

This is called truth in advertising. In a GOP ad in West Virginia, three dudes in trucker hats park their asses at a diner and bitch about having a black left-wing president. The casting call apparently called for actors with a "'Hicky' Blue Collar look."

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