Bank of American Halts all Foreclosures! Wowzer. The nation's largest bank is putting all its foreclosures on hold while they review their foreclosure process (and hopefully determine that it is, indeed, screwed up).

Un-bee-lievable! Science solves the disappearing bee mystery! Colony collapse disorder is apparently caused by a fungus and virus.

Chilean Miners on the Loose! Those miners trapped underground in Chile for two months are getting out Sunday.

And the Peace Prize Goes To.... a Chinese man who demanded democracy and wound up having to accept the Nobel in prison.

95,000 Jobs Gone: With private businesses not hiring and the government shedding jobs, we lost jobs in September.

Facebook for Babies. A whopping 92 percent of American kids under two have a presence online, usually in photos.

France's Burqa Ban Official: French court upholds the fine for wearing a face veil in public. Two awesome girls protest the ban in hot pants and burqas.

More on Our Local Terrorist: Guy who blew up Woodburn bank as an anti-Obama message had house full of weapons.