The Portland Marathon is winding its way past the window of the place where I'm typing this. Here's the marathon at a glance. Among the runners? Police Chief Mike Reese, out to raise cash for the police bureau's Mounted Patrol.

Oregon Democrats are sweating. The three-fifths super-majority delivered two years ago in the Year of Obama—giving Democrats the power to unilaterally craft budgets and pass taxes—is hanging by a thin thread in the Year of the Tea Party.

This will make Mac geeks sadder than they already are. Enterprising thieves used a truck to smash through the wall of a Northeast Portland computer store, ganking all sorts of modern Macs after their grand entrance—but also utterly destroying several vintage models that sat directly in the path of their onslaught. (Confession: I'm a Mac geek, too.)

Solomon Burke once unfurled his voice for the pope. He laid the musical road that Barry White and Issac Hayes followed him down. His songs were covered by the Rolling Stones and others, and made famous in The Blues Brothers. He had 21 kids, 90 grandkids, and 19 great-grandkids. He died Sunday on a jet plane to Amsterdam, where he was scheduled to perform. He was 70.

Could this be the beginning of the end for PBS? Its West Coast flagship station, KCET in Los Angeles, is ending its affiliation with the network of Bert, Ernie, and Charlie Rose.

Somehow the fact that Google is behind this makes this scary. The tech monolith is bankrolling government-connected engineers who have built—and are testing successfully on real highways and streetsCARS THAT DRIVE THEMSELVES.

Who saved John and Yoko's strange marriage? Paul McCartney. On the occasion of John Lennon's 70th birthday, Yoko offers new insight about what and who helped pull him out of the funk of his famed "Lost Weekend."

Jesus Christ is juggalo No. 1! Surprise! Amen.

And now a reading from Paul's letters to the juggaloes. Please open your missals to 1 Juggaloes 11:13: "When I was a child wearing clown makeup, I spake as a child wearing clown makeup, I understood as a child wearing clown makeup, I thought as a child wearing clown makeup: but when I became a man, I did not put away childish things. I mean, I'm still wearing this fucking clown makeup. And fuck it, you know? Because I'm starting to realize it kind of makes me look like an asshole. A really enormous asshole. And I'm having a really hard time getting laid."