We're in the Money! Wall Street set to dole out record high pay for the second year in a row.

Google Wind: A proposed $5 billion wind farm off the East Coast gets a big money backer—Google.

GAP Kills New Logo! Apparently it was ugly or something.

US Looking Into Aid Workers' Death: American troops might have accidentally killed the British aid worker they were trying to rescue.

"There's an *** for That." Apple trademarks the five-word phrase.

Pregnant? Try Two Drinks a Week. A new study shows pregnant moms don't need to abstain entirely.

Happy Meal Lasts Six Months Without Mold: Not even one spot of fungi on a hamburger that's 171 days old.

Get Yer Creepy Halloween Costume! Everybody into Obamaface (available at Target)!


TriMet Drivers Threaten Slowdown: Barred from striking and upset about health benefit cuts, some bus drivers are texting a message to "make every bus late on the 13th."

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