News Nov 25, 2010 at 4:00 am

Advocates Raise Concerns About City Audit on Taser Use


Also missing is the question of "threshold of use." Before Tasers, police had to choose between deescalation vs. force. When choosing force, police have to choose what level of force. PPB has broken this down into 5 defined levels, from simply asserting their presence (level 1), to lethal force (level 5). Before Tasers, police confronted with a situation that wouldn't justify baton strikes would have to affect a reasonable, conciliatory approach to defuse the scene and resolve the matter peacefully. Carrying Tasers encourages officers to use them, to resort to force where it may not be indicated and will often be counter-productive.
Ask former Hilsboro police chief Ron Louie which makes for better policing: brandishing a torture weapon, or introducing yourself and asking what's the matter.

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