Re: the leaked memo, not surprising if true. Expect elements of the far right to start claiming he was some kind of Obama-sent Manchurian Candidate meant to make them look bad and allow a crackdown.
Yeah! Law enforcement and government NEVER violate our rights! They ALWAYS give us MORE FREEDOM! FUCK YEAH! People should be nothing but greatful to their dear leaders for all the freedom they've been given!

Can we drop the freest country in the world crap? You can't even quantify freedom. It's a slogan with no meaning. It's only purpose is to make old conservatives feel tingly in their underpants.

This tragedy doesn't change the fact that the US government is filled with arguably some of the most violent psychotics on the face of the planet. It doesn't change the fact that Gulet Mohamed, a teenage American citizen, is being tortured and refused entry back into his country by the Obama administration--without any accusation of wrongdoing whatsoever. They slaughter innocents with drones, ruin lives with draconian drug war policies, spy on their citizens while insisting everything they do be completely secret, rack up debt, refuse to hold bankers accountable for defrauding much of the country and nearly driving us all to live in tent cities... should I go on? At best, it's an incompotent organization that is completely out-of-touch with the results of their decisions; at worst, it's pure fucking evil, like the Empire in Star Wars.

Violence is never an acceptable method of achieving political change. But there's something nearly as ugly as mindless submission like the kind in this blog post. I think I just vomited on my keyboard. I think Bill or Eli owe me a new one.
...yeah, but, I have high-speed internet! Go freedom!
His politics seems to be "nutbag". Anyone who has a close friend or loved-one with a serious mental disease, such as schizophrenia, who is literally delusional, knows that politics have nothing to do with nothing. They see conspiracies everywhere. If you've talked to people with serious diseases like this, then you've heard this sort of incoherent "logic" before. This should be a health and safety issue, not a political issue.
Before the official version of this story is cemented into the public consciousness, giving the feds and homeland security a nice fat blank check to further clamp down on gun laws, and civil liberties let's consider a few things:

Eye witness accounts describe a "Caucasian male, approximately 40-50 years old with dark hair" accompanying Loughner, and may have given him a ride to the supermarket. The FBI is looking for this man, who they state "may have been connected to the murders".

Early in the Oklahoma City bombing case, the FBI was looking for a second man, described as John Doe 2. Police sketches of the man were released to the media. The FBI later admitted it had did not disclose evidence about informants who claimed Timothy McVeigh had additional accomplices. “Filings in the case also revealed the existence of at least four informants who were part of the Oklahoma City bombing investigation, including the one working undercover and another under an explicit confidentiality agreement".…

Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab, the "underwear" bomber was delivered to the airport and placed on the plane by a “sharp dressed man” who had influence with airport authorities.…
He was also suspiciously removed from a terror watch list prior to the flight. This event brought in the now popularized "naked body scanners" into our public airports. Former homeland security director Michael Chertoff made millions aggressively promoting the scanners, and consulting for OMI systems, the manufacturer of the scanners a year prior to the "underwear bombing".

Loughner probably was a lone nut, but there are already parallels to these other events that I have barley scratched the surface of. These are just two events where the official story is dubious under scrutiny, and the solution was pre-determined, not to mention countless others.
@Spindles: Thanks for letting almost 80 minutes pass before proving my point.
Well thanks Todd, and might I say I appreciate your ability to not let facts get in the way of your opinions.
Everyone knows he did it because of pot.…
According to Sarah Pallin's map 1 down 19 to go.…

I guess the FBI undercover operation wanted a conviction this time.

Wasn't there a pattern of inducing crazy people to shoot cops up in Seattle last year ?

I still think the Judge was the real target.
Sorry linked to the wrong image Wanted the SrahPAC:…

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