Mob Crackdown! In East Coast sweep, police arrest over 100 alleged mafia members. Wait. Since when do we still have a mob that doesn't have its own TV show?

GITMO Gets Day in Court: After a two year freeze, the military will start trying Guantanamo detainees at military tribunals again. So long, dreams of civilian court trials.

America's "Fastest Growing Transportation"? Buses! Intercity bus use is up six percent, compared to a three percent increase in airline travel.

California Retreating from the Sea: In the face of rising sea levels and erosion, one California town is moving a bike path and parking lot 65 feet inland. It's called "a managed retreat."

Majority Like Obama: Heading into his State of the Union speech, Obama is riding at 53 percent approval.

It's Like a Right Wing Horror Story. In Real Life. A crazy doctor in Philly performed "abortions" by birthing live babies and then killing them. This isn't going to be good for anybody.

By Jove! It's Shackleton's Whiskey! Researchers unearth 300 bottles of whiskey left behind in Antarctica by explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton 100 years ago. They're going to sample it "for science."

Charlie Sheen's Greatest Accomplishment: He managed to spend $26,000 on hookers in only two days.

Deadly Roads: Last night, a woman trying to cross I-5 on foot was killed by a car. Out on E 102nd Ave, a driver crashed into an ambulance and died.

More Open Government, Plz: The state attorney general wants to nix 100 exemptions from public records law.