Tunisia, Lebanon, Egypt, Oh My! Using Twitter and Facebook to organize, anti-government protests flood the streets of Cairo, inspired by similar anti-authoritarian riots in Tunisia and Lebanon.

Who Cares About Revolution? IT'S THE OSCARS, GUYS! The nominations are out!

Anyone Excited About the State of the Union? Seems like it will be decidedly "meh". In Portland, the Guild Public House is showing it.

POPE <3 FB: Social networking gets the Pope's blessing, making me want to instantly quit Facebook.

Affordable Health Care... From WalMart? Sam's Club is offering a $99 Prevention Plan to track blood pressure and other health risks.

Rahm a Lama Ding Dong: Frontrunner Rahm Emanuel is booted from the Chicago mayor's race for not, technically, living in Chicago long enough. Shoulda kept that day job...

Fixing the Filibuster: Will Democrats actually accomplish something significant? Like rewriting the filibuster rules.

GW Bush Broke Campaign Laws. A government investigation shows that Bush broke campaign fundraising laws. A little too late, y'all.

Ew... "Taco Meat Filling". Taco Bell gets sued for saying their tacos are filled with beef, when really their "meat filling" is only 36 percent cow.

Big Brother in Schools: Wyoming thinks the way to improve public education is to constantly film teachers.

Woodburn Bombers Get Death Penalty: Bruce and Joshua Turnidge, the right wing extremists who blew up a bank in 2008, will be the first father and son on Oregon's death row.

Cop Shooter on the Loose: Waldport, Oregon, is crawling with SWAT teams searching for a man who shot a police officer at a traffic stop.