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Scenes from the Next Big Quake


Improving school buildings’ earthquake safety continues to be a priority for Portland Public Schools. The 1995 bond measure included $47 million in seismic safety improvements at 53 schools.

The school facilities bond on the May ballot would rebuild nine schools to modern seismic standards and fully retrofit the Beverly Cleary K-8 School’s main campus, in the Fernwood building.

In addition, 24 schools will have full or partial roofs replaced, which substantially increases earthquake safety as roofs built to modern standards help stabilize the structure.

Matt Shelby
Portland Public Schools
Please look into your local CERT team. It is very informative, and free!! You will learn earthquake survival skills, and how to help in your community if disaster strikes.
Despite having seen several earthquakes in my 20 years in Portland, I notice that most people don't seem to think about them that much. Considering the geologic record shows that we get a big one once every 300 years or so, we should pay more attention. By the way, the last one was almost certainly on the coast in the year 1700, and left canoes in the tops of trees a mile inland.
Thanks, Bill, for your coverage of our SMPS Oregon event on January 18th: Portland, OR: Resilient City or Earthquake Disaster.

SMPS Oregon -- -- is made up of business development and marketing executives in the commercial built community.

We welcome the Portland Mercury back anytime to share the learnings with your readers.

Viv Perry
Director of Programs
SMPS Oregon

Interesting illustration used for this article...bird's laughing at us while we die, Grim Reaper enjoying the moment and a big, gnarly face overlooking all of us as if to say "I'M HEEERRREEE!"
i just had my house siesmically upgraded. cost $2k - but it allowed me to enact my earthquake insurance for my home ($230 /year). This is the first step for all home owners. Right now, if an earth quake happens, you are not covered under an normal insurance policy.
Here's a scenerio.........Man takes all proper precautions at great expense to prepare for the big one,steps outside and a tree falls on his home.

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