Ensuring there won't be much of a Libya left for him to run despotically, Moammar Gadhafi orders more air strikes against rebels who have taken a pair of important eastern cities. Watch some of the recent combat here. Meanwhile, can you say "war crimes?"

Wisconsin Democrats in hiding are floating a strange word—compromise—as they decide whether it might be time to come home and only partially garrote the state's public employee unions.

How much is that zombie in the window? Get it? Hah? An adorable dog shudders back to life after an euthanasia injection, making the surprising choice of life in Oklahoma over life in Dog Heaven.

Funny how whenever the EPA gets the notion to crack down on natural gas drilling based on something we call "science," industry types and their well-funded friends in Congress always finds a way to make that "science" go away.

Two faces you won't see on Fox News for a little while (not that you, per se, actually watch Fox News): Potential 2012 presidential hopefuls Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich. Two other, more-ratings-friendly pundits rumored for '12—Sarah Palin and Mike Huckabee—will get to continue their missions of cultural enlightenment. (Also! Tell your friends to click here.)

Bet they never have comely young couples
demonstrate "fucksaws" at state universities.

"He's just biding his time." The last man to fight in World War I (now that this fellow's passed on) is turning 110.

A young man who plays college basketball at the behest of the Mormons has been kicked off his nationally ranked team and stirred a mess of sanctimonious hand-wringing for having age-of-consent sex with just one girlfriend.