Guantanamo North: More than 100 men—many of them US citizens—are living in Guantanamo-like prisons in the United States, under 24-hour watch and deprived of due process.

Whose Weapons Are Shooting People in the Mexican Drug Wars? Oh, right, um... heavy-duty guns bought in the United States. Awkward...

"Gaddafi is the Enemy of God!" While Libyan protesters chant, the dictator's forces try to disperse them with bullets and teargas.

Yemen! Also still protesting with no clear end in sight!

Jobsjobsjobs: Unemployment in the US falls to the lowest level in two years. Hooray! Everything is fixed and better now

Gawd, This Again? Obama's already raising megabucks for 2012.

WikiLeaker is Pretty Much Screwed: Who know who got the real raw end of this WikiLeaks deal? Private Bradley Manning, who has been placed in a cell for 23 hours a day, sometimes naked.

It's a Crazy Racist Anti-Muslim Protest! Trying to raise money for a women's shelter, Orange County Muslim group? Nooo!

Spiders Win Again! A species of spider has apparently taken down an entire line of Mazdas because it keeps building webs in their gas tanks.

Truffle Kerfuffle: North Carolina is going crazy over the tasty fungus that retails for $800/pound.

Farting Dentist Banned from Practice: A British dentist is barred from working for excessive flatulence, burping in patients' faces, and making snide comments about unemployed patients.

Devil's Bag Ban Bargain: A plastics maker offers Oregon politicians a bargain—kill the plastic bag ban and we'll build a plastics recycling center (jobs!) in your state. Beaverton Rep Mark Hass replies, "Oregon is not for sale."

Not Our Fault! State investigates a mercury leak in NW water.