The suspect in this weekend's double police shooting is a "nice guy" neighbors say... that is, you know, except for the shooting cops part. For the full blow by blow check out Denis and Sarah's coverage, here and here.

continues to paddle up shit creek as Qaddafi's (Gadhafi's—whatever) military bombs near a rebel-held town, as well as an oil port.

Also oil jumps to $107 a barrel. Hmmm. I wonder if the two stories are related?

If it's Monday, then that must mean there are some new sex crime allegations leveled at the Catholic Church.

And oh yeah, there's more where that came from.

A congressional panel on "Islamic radicals" begins this week—which isn't making non-terrorist Muslims very happy.

Christina Aguilera is being sued for allegedly stealing the a 43-year-old tune that became her mega-hit "Ain't No Other Man." (Which I performed to great acclaim at karaoke last week. Am I gonna get sued, too?)

Who went to the Emerald Comic Con this weekend? Check out the Merc Nerd Squad coverage here, here, and here. (I'm totally glad I didn't go—I would've been super pissed to discover that Felicia Day wasn't the mom from the Cosby Show.)

Now here's what's going on in your neck of the woods: Lovin' that sun? DON'T GET USED TO IT. Showery rain and mild temps in the lower and mid-50s for the rest of your life.

And finally, here's a clip from "Military's Funniest Training Exercise Videos that Probably Killed a Bunch of People—but it's Still Hilarious!"