Government Shutdown! Unable to reach a budget deal, the federal government may close its doors at midnight. Democrats have agreed to steep budget cuts, but Republicans seem hellbent on unfunding family planning.

Uh, Does the Military Shut Down? What the shutdown could mean for all the armed forces.

Airstrike Whoopsie! NATO actually apologizes for accidentally bombing the Libyan rebels they're supposed to be helping.

FaceTerror: The fed's absurd color-ranked terror alert system will soon become just two levels... and post terror threat warnings on Facebook.

Prison > Schools: A new NAACP report tracks how states have systematically shifted money from education to prisons.

Guns for Students! Arizona passes a law allowing students to pack heat on campuses, apparently to protect themselves from school shooters.

Wisconsin! GAAHH! An elections officer lost several thousand votes by forgetting to press "save" and the new vote count puts of a conservative Republican on the state Supreme Court.

Two Words for You: Penguin Cam.

Anti-Police Protest: Thirty or forty people marched through downtown Portland last night, chanting against the police. Nearly a dozen wound up in handcuffs.

Kick the Kicker: Governor Kitz supports reforming the way Oregon does taxes.