Japan is on Par with Chernobyl: The Fukushima disaster was upgraded to a level seven disaster, the same level as Chernobyl.

Libya Push: France wants NATO to deploy more force in Libya.

Deep Debt: Student loan debt rose faster than credit card debt for the first time ever last year—the average new college graduate owes $24,000.

Yankee Spies Go Home: Pakistan tells the CIA to back off.

Birth Pains: A new report shows which women are more likely to die during childbirth (one answer: African Americans).

Paywall Impact: After unveiling its paywall, traffic on the NYTimes site drops five to 15 percent.

Mile High Club: Saudi Arabia is building the world's tallest building—a mile-high skyscraper.

Donald Trump is Going Crazy? After throwing his hat in the ring for president, Donald Trump scrawls angry letters about blog comments to Vanity Fair.

Chicago School Bans Homemade Lunch: Administrators think it's healthier if students eat cafeteria lunch.

Beverly Cleary is 95! Happy birthday.

3-D Pavement Art: A pretty cool time lapse video of 3-D Scandinavian street art.

First Shots Fired: In the Civil War, 150 years ago today.

LIVEBLOG! Tonight Ezra liveblogs the Blazers vs. the Grizzlies here on Blogtown.