President Obama is stepping through a minefield of political doo-doo as he prepares to address the country on his plan for reducing national debt.

The body of a man who was swept away last month while watching the remnants of the Japanese tsunami on the beach in California has been located—washed up in OREGON.

Former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarek and his two sons are being held for questioning following the deaths of protesters during the country's uprising two months ago.

A six-year-old (and the entirety of the internet) gets upset after a frisky TSA agent pats her down at the airport.

A mother drives herself and her four kids into the freezing Hudson River, 60 miles north of NYC. Only the ten-year-old son escapes alive.

Craigslist, you've done it again! A Long Island serial killer is using the online yard sale to lure in potential victims.

KIND OF UNSETTLING NEWS SO FAR, HUH? Let's see if we can turn this puppy around.

Justin Bieber cancels his meeting with Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu—because... what is Bieber even DOING in Israel? (Tip o' the hat to Blogtown reader Hannah!)

Don't worry, horndogs! In addition to wearing comfortable cotton and sticky leather pants, Adrianne Palicki's new Wonder Woman will also be donning shorty-short-shorts! Because... POST-FEMINISM!!

Did Scarlett Johansson move in with her new grampy boyfriend Sean Penn? Well, somebody has to change his colostomy bag!

The Blazers disembowel the Grizzlies—read all the bloody details in last night's Blogtown Blazer Live Blog!

Now here's what's going on in your neck of the woods: Showery, showery, showery through Saturday, with a turn toward the dry starting Sunday!

And finally, Justin Bieber's Israel problems continue… when he tries to run over a paparazzi with his scooter.

HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA! That was the worst excuse for a hit and run I've ever seen! HAVE A GREAT DAY, GUYS!