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Court Rulings, Community Concerns Tangle Taser Plans


NICE! Now the Portland Police Gestapo (PPG) will get to use "less-than-leathal" tasers with impunity.
The major concern around "less lethal" (victims have a greater chance of surviving) ordnance is threshold of use: to what extent will police resort to Tasers, wooden dowel rounds and so-called "rubber bullets" (steel pellets roughly the size of a paintball under a thin coating of rubber) and beanbag rounds in situations that don't call for baton strikes or gunshots, yet have escalated beyond an officer's ability to defuse? Leaving aside the question of that officer's suitability for patrol, Lt. Sheffer's statement is a particularly egregious example of the, at best, disingenuous, and, at worst, mendacious, PR puffery around this issue. When first considering whether to allow police to use Tasers, we heard all about how the very type of situation that Lt. Sheffer NOW describes as "too late" for Tasers would be the only situations in which Tasers would be used, and even then only to avoid gunfire. Police all over the U.S., but PPB, continue to shoot violent suspects and use Tasers to punish merely non-compliant suspects with electrocution torture.

You put "less-than-leathal" in quotes as if it isn't true (it's spelled L.E.T.H.A.L. by the way). You've been tased twice and you're not dead yet.
I put less-than-leathal in "" b/c the novice implication of such a mis-leading term is that tasers are basically harmless. Which is cop bullshit. Fact is, tasers have killed people before, and if you'd like, there're plenty of articles for you to look up. Just google 'taser deaths'.

But leathalness of tasers isn't even the point here. The point is that, cops use tasers as cattle prods for anyone who simply doesn't "comply" fast enough. Or anyone who back-talks. Anyone who attempts to assert their Rights. Anyone who might not understand english. Anyone who might not convey orders immediately due to mental illness. Etc. This has very little to due with taking down violent criminals. Taser use by these pigs has increased dramatically and it just so happens, along with that increase you'll get MORE TASER DEATHS.

Btw, BULLETS could also be considered "less-than-leathal", as not EVERYONE who's been shot has died. Infact (tossing your own logic back at you), many people have been shot with bullets twice or more and aren't dead yet.
If you are half as belligerent in person as you are in online forums, it's not hard to figure out why you fear Tazers. And, it's called "lethality", not "leathalness", dipshit.

Funny how you can't ever spell, yet constantly run your mouth as if you were the Western hemisphere's formost expert on police procedures.

You need to be tazed, it would do you some good.
Typical name-calling. But that's exactly what i'd expect from someone who gets called out and can't prove a point, no matter how hard he/she tries.
You, whose speech is replete with terms such as "Tea-baggers" and "Gestapo" to describe those you disagree with, now decry name-calling. You are such a sissy little bitch.

Life is hard, at the keyboard, in you Mommie's basement. Isn't it, sweetpea?
Clifton "DamosA" Brooks,

You never resort to name calling, do you? Let's read up on your blog... . Proof of just how much of an unreasonable human being you are. You're in a league of your own.

Point - Davis.

Keep talking like that and I'm going to have to wax your car, mow your lawn or something....
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