News Apr 28, 2011 at 4:00 am

Randy Leonard Helps Sam Adams Cinch a Deal on the JTTF


You got to wonder if the pending investigation of possible civil rights violations against the City over the Aaron Campbell shooting, including whether or not the DA manipulated the Grand Jury by withholding the supervising officer's testimony had anything to do with this arrangement. We learned this week that the Phoenix ATF provided 1500 guns to Mexican drug runners, who were using the guns to kill Americans, and the corporate media is silent--

The problem is that we'll never know if the FBI is violating our civil rights, as they have always done to innocent Americans...with impunity- Remember that Congress gave immunity to the TelComs who were spying on us?

Having married someone who was truly evil -- an expert manipulator, making any deal with the devil we already know will never go well for us, I can assure you...
Wow, was Whistle-Ass almost completely ON-TOPIC for a change?
The LAST thing we need are the FEDS moving in. We have enough problems with the local cops, as is!
Was just at the meeting today. It was a good turn-out and some great people were there to testify, including Dan Handleman, JoAnne Bowman, and Bradly Mayfield. Also, reps from Sisters of the Road as well as spokespeople from Japanese, Muslim groups, etc. Left abit early, so who knows whether the city council will listen to the citizens of Portland...
Oh for fuck's sake already, The Merc makes it sound like Leonard actually gives a shit about civil liberties. Randy Leonard would take a shit in the mouth of every liberal in this town if he could! Just like Mayor Potter, Fireman Leonard's beef with the Feds has more to do with his perception of them treading on his turf. He just simply doesn't want anyone getting in his way from swinging his hose.

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