Mubarak to Stand Trial! The deposed Egyptian president and his sons will go on trial for killing protesters.

Prison Sardines: The Supreme Court rules that California's overcrowded prisons are "cruel and unusual", ordering the state to release or relocate 30,000 inmates.

Double Game: Terror trial in Chicago alleges links between Pakistan's intelligence agency and terrorist groups.

Free Money for Tax Cheats: Companies and nonprofits that received stimulus money owe $750 million in unpaid taxes to the government.

Tornado Ahoy! As the death count from the last tornado rises, Missouri braces for more.

Obama and the Queen! The Obamas meet with Queen Elizabeth II and those hat-wearing newlyweds.

Israel Stumps to Congress: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu talks to Congress today.

Abortion Goes Down: As in, rates of abortion decrease eight percent nationwide, but increase steeply among poor women.

Hurt Locker Sues 24,000 Internet Users: The big-budget movie is suing 24,000 people who shared the movie file online.

Gingrich is Blingin': Who knew that Newt and his wife have a $500,000 jewelry budget?

Top 10 New Species. The International Institute for Species Exploration announced the top 10 species discovered in the past year, including the Louisiana Pancake Batfish:


Wind vs. Water: Oregon plans to shut down wind power plants to take pressure off an overloaded electrical grid.