News Jun 2, 2011 at 4:00 am

A Diverse Crop of White Guys


I will tell you who DOES deserve her diversity award. Irene Konev. She has reached out time and time again to diverse communities in Portland, including the Asian American Chamber, the African American Chamber, Say Hey, and the list goes on. We can admit that the PDX police force needs more diversity, both in gender and in ethnicity, but we should not overlook all of the good that she is doing.
as always when it come to PPB, they've showed us once again what a bunch of turds they can silly and maudlin can they get with such buffoonery that most intelligent people can clearly see through. What is it with these stupid guys (it's the Testosterone Tommies that are
the source of their troubles...not the women or minorities) that they their collective "group-think" operates at a near 60 IQ level as the more they try to foist themselves off as "normal" the more laughable it gets?
Leave it to the white dude (Mr. Theriault) to get all upset that the Portland police bureau doesn't have enough people of color. Maybe you'd like to resign your position as a writer for the Mercury in favor of a person of color?

Yes, and it would be just as eyebrow-raising if the Mercury *won a city government diversity award* as a reward for its hiring practices.
This editorial makes me wonder about the "diversity" of the Portland Mercury. How would you describe the ethnic make-up of a typical Mercury staff meeting, Denis? "All white" or "Virtually all white"?
I have to say that the awards given out were definitely well earned. Each individual/group/bureau were nominated by many people in regards to their efforts for promoting a culturally inclusive City. The Police bureau has recently been doing extensive amounts of training and outreach for diversity efforts.

As for the hiring practices, legally, there is only so much the City can do. They can do outreach and promote hiring a diverse workforce, but the applicants have to go through the system. They apply, and if they meet qualifications, they go through interviews and tests. Only the scores at the end of the tests determine whether they are eligible to be hired. The amount of white males that apply are simply a lot higher than the amount of anyone else who applies.

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