Bomb Scare at the Pentagon: The FBI swings into full alert after a man in his 20s is found at Arlington Cemetery at 1:30am with a backpack which contained "items in bags." Apparently this was suspicious?

Keep on Surgin': Obama promised he'd start withdrawing troops from Afghanistan this July, but now the Pentagon (surprise, surprise) say they want to troop surge to continue until fall 2012.

Not Alarming at All: The National Security Administration (that would be the wiretappers, y'all) are teaming up with internet carriers.

Guantanamo Stinks: Forced to go off hunger strike, a Guantanamo detainee protests by smearing feces everywhere.

Women, Start Your Engines: Saudi Arabia women take to the streets to protest a ban on women driving.

You Can't Ban Cornrows: A British court rules that a school banning cornrows as a "gang-related hairstyle" is, yes, racist.

Jimmy Carter! Jimmy Carter! Hippie ex-prez says to call off the drug war.

Breaking Kim Kardashian News: She has a lot of dumb expensive stuff on her wedding registry!

Giltterati: Gay rights protestors hit Tim Pawlenty with a faceful of glitter.

Sit-in for Immigrant Rights: Two dozen protesters from immigrant-rights group CAUSA take over a hallway in the Oregon Capitol to try to pass the stalled tuition equity bill.