News Jul 15, 2011 at 9:29 am


You have won Denis. For posting my favorite 'Good Morning, News' of the week!
This is my favorite 'Good Morning, News' of the day.

So is "legitimatizing" really a word? Or should it be "legitimizing"? Or "legitimitishitamizing" perhaps? Why do you force me to ponder these issues, Denis?
Whoo hooo, bring that news! The Hammer Bros are a bitch!
You're welcome mercury.


Joe W
The girl in the ad for LoveLab this week is foxy! But I just don't want to pay $20, just to send her an e-mail. Dang...we could have HAD something!
If you're too cheap to cough up a Jackson, R, you can treat yourself to Burgerville, buy some cheap lipstick at Walgreen's to put on sweet Ms. Righthand, and settle in for a romantic evening. Voila, you've saved twelve bucks!

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