Rupert Murdoch: Totally Clueless! The media mogul says he has no idea about phone hacking at his tabloid.

Green > Gas: Apparently, more Americans now have green jobs than gigs with gas or oil companies.

Graffiti Comeback: Cities across the country report a surge in the kids and their rascally tagging.

"Dudes, Knock it Off." US gets into peace talks with Libya.

Somehow the IMF Chief Story Gets Weirder: Dominque Strauss-Kahn is now being accused of having "brutal sex" with the mother of a woman who pressed rape charges.

Love/Hate: An annual customer satisfaction survey of social media ranks Facebook at the bottom... but we all use it anyway.

Are We Sick of Casey Anthony Yet? If you still give a shit about the murder trial after nonstop TV news coverage, it turns out she didn't Google search "chloroform" 84 times after all.

Chihuahua Thwarts Robbers: Go get 'em, Buster!

Oregon National Guard Rip Off: The Oregon National Guard hiring people to do dangerous work... it's then apparently demanding they pay back bonuses they were promised.