Speed Ruling: As planned, Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan steps down, opening the door for the country's seventh prime minister in five years.

Tragic News of the Day: A Syrian political cartoonist — who just recently compared Syria's Bashar Assad to Moammar Gadhafi — was dragged from his car by masked gunmen who broke both of his hands and severely beat him up.

Sad Trumpet Noise: Despite his much anticipated address, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke offers no solution to the US' economic turmoil.

To the Rescue!: Billionaire Warren Buffets attempts to save plummeting Bank of America with a $5 billion investment.

Something to Look Forward to: At the rate we're going, half of all American adults will be obese by 2013, according to a British study.

True Life: "Bromance", "cougar", and "fist bump" to be added to the Merriam-Webster dictionary. Prepare yourself as necessary.

Morrison Melee: In the midst of contractor drama, grid construction on the Morrison Bridge has come to a stand-still. Forget the Thanksgiving deadline, it's now predicted to open sometime next year.

Irene Thwarts Timbers: Hurricane Irene has postponed Saturday’s D.C. United vs. Portland Timbers game.

But of Course: Rouge Brewery has created a Voodoo Doughnut Bacon Maple Porter. One of the ingredients: free range coastal water.

Adorable Animal Time: A fox cub turns an abandoned gravel quarry conveyor belt into a slide. Potential offspring of Mr. Fox.