Hurri-crazy: The dreaded Irene mostly misses New York City, but leaves millions on the East Coast without power.

And Michele Bachmann's Opinion? Ah, yes, the hurricane is a warning sign from God.

Secret US/Taliban Peace Talks: Just got derailed.

Beijing is a Prison: Recently imprisoned Chinese artist and activist Ai Weiwei has his harshest words yet for his country.

Paying for Smarts: Student loan debt in the United States has grown by over 500 percent since 1999. Aaaaggghhh.

Refining the Lineup: Police lineups for eyewitnesses have a troubled history of sending innocent people to jail, so New Jersey is overhauling how lineups are used.

Beyonce's Baby Bump: Yep, the most beautiful woman in the universe is preggers.

The Demise of the Record Industry: Watch the past 30 years of music in 30 seconds.


Readin', Writin', 'Rithmetic: Oregon students' test scores released today—looks like several thousand might not graduate.

Rogue Ice Cream Crackdown: Scofflaws vend Klondike Bars from bikes with no business licenses!