Deadliest. Month. Ever. August has seen the deaths of 66 American soldiers in Afghanistan, the deadliest month yet for US soldiers the in country.

Oh, BTW, Just FYI... According to a Senate Commission, the US has wasted $30 billion in war spending on projects that never materialized.

Libya Liberation: The rebels demand Qaddafi's family return to the country, but are also making life difficult for migrant workers.

WikiLeaks: Being a Jerk. WikiLeaks has published in full the diplomatic cables that newspapers redacted for the safety of people mentioned in them.

Whoa. Steve Jobs' Dad. Things I didn't know: Steve Jobs was adopted! His dad is Syrian! They've never met.

5.5 Million Without Power: All it takes is a hurricane and the US is like a developing country.

What's Ground Zero Look Like Now? There's some office buildings, a shiny tower, and a memorial.

Germany Turns Anti-Nuclear: The always practical Germans are shutting down their nuclear reactors.

Exxon Heads to Russia: The American oil company wins a coveted contract to exploit the oils of the tundra.

Porn Industry HIV Breakout: Yikes. LA's entire porn industry is shut down after a performer tests positive for HIV.

The Business of Burning Man: Is anyone else getting a lot of out-of-office away messages that reference Burning Man? Let's commiserate by reading this article about Burning Man, LLC.

No Snakes on This Motherfuckin' Plane! TSA stops a man in Miami trying to board a plane with pants full of snakes.