Bravery, Beer, and Barack: President Obama awards 23-year-old Marine Dakota Meyer with a Medal of Honor after fulfilling Meyer's one request: to have a beer with the Prez.

In Heavy News: Cut off from international aid, Somalians face severe famine and disease. Tens of thousands are already dead — when will the rest of the world intervene?

When A "Poke" is Bad Thing: The Mexican drug war adds a new platform to its playing field: social media
He's Baaack: Five years after An Inconvenient Truth, Al Gore returns with a 24-hour global screening of a shorter, more straight-to-the-point climate change awareness film.

Stalling the Race: Considering race a factor in a death row inmate's initial 1997 trial, Texas officials delay his execution date.

Out of This World: For the first time (aside from in Star Wars), scientists discover a planet that orbits two suns.

A License to Love (I know, ridiculously cheesy): After Followers of Christ-related baby death, Oregon considers reinstating midwifery licenses.

Just Diggin' Around: Six-year-old Emily Baldry unearths a 160-million-year-old ammonite fossil at a water park. WHAT.

Other Large Shelled Creatures of the Day: Giant African snails invade Miami! That is all.

Amish Rebels: These guys were arrested for not putting orange reflector triangles on the back of their buggies. Note how RIDICULOUSLY TALL these guys are. Ten bucks say top right guy's been here before.