Private Prisons: Certain companies are turning a big profit from countries' immigration crackdowns, as they offer to set up privately run prisons.

Woman NOT Whipped for Driving: In a startling display of leniency, a Saudi Arabian woman who broke the country's ban on female drivers is "spared from lashing."

Germany Bails out Euro: Chancellor Angela Merkel pushes through a bill to increase the money they loan to struggling European countries.

Killer Kantaloupes! The humble melons are still trying to kill you!

Banking on India: Without banks in rural areas, India is hiring people to be "mobile tellers" with just a laptop and a fingerprint ID system.

The Hypocrisy of Rick Perry: First he benefits from environmental laws, then he crucifies the EPA.

Old-timey Protest! You know what we don't have enough of in this world? People throwing rotten tomatoes at politicians! (except this happened to the US ambassador in Syria, which is bad)

Red Sox Epic Fail: The team that's known for tragic collapses has its worst September in history.

Is Your Son Gay? ... Or "Normal"? A new Android app administers a ridiculous quiz to determine the gayness of your son (sample question: "Does he play football?")