After swarming the Brooklyn Bridge following two weeks of protests in Lower Manhattan, more than 700 Occupy Wall Street protesters were arrested in what two different news organizations said was a "tense" encounter with New York cops. Get to know your fellow 99 percenters here. And if you're wondering why people are in the streets, read this.

Rick Perry's family hunting camp
in rural Texas used to have another name: Niggerhead. Perry says he changed it years ago, when he took on responsibility for the property. Not everyone who lives near the camp says that's correct.

It wasn't just health care reform.
Sears/hair color model Mitt Romney, back when he was governor of Massachusetts, also extracted millions in tax revenue from the state's corporations by closing loopholes.

The drone strike that killed an American citizen in Yemen, an imam seen by some as a potent inspiration for terrorism in the west, also reportedly killed one of Al-Qaida's elite bomb makers.

Oopsy daisy!
Also in Yemen, a warplane mistakenly attacked a camp of its own soldiers, an abandoned school, no less, killing more than 30.

Our 5-4, conservative U.S. Supreme Court
is in heat over this list of issues awaiting its upcoming session: health care, internet privacy, gay adoptions, whether cops can place GPS devices on your cars, affirmative action, immigration, swear words on TV, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

The memorial service for Troy Davis, the prisoner murdered by the state of Georgia for killing a cop despite significant new questions about his guilt, drew 1,000 mourners and activists.

Typhoons in the Philippines have killed close to 60 people and left hundreds of people clinging to their rooftops, waiting days for aid and/or rescue. "Heckuva job," I'm told, doesn't really translate to Tagalog.

Nature still isn't through with us. There are ants so hairy and pernicious and populous, that when they decide to swarm a place—faster than any regular ant—they can short out mechanical equipment, bite through your shoes and defy poison circles meant to stop them. They come from Texas.

An overrated musician famous for his long tongue has married an underrated star of late-night cable soft-core adult films after years of living in sin. It's okay. None of their bastard children care, either.