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Business Interests Line up Against Old Town Camp


They are listening an watching... for a reason to throw you back out on your ass. If they can't find one they will create one. Best of luck.
"Andrew Alcante, 48, was waiting to smoke a cigarette "

Quit fucking smoking and get a goddamn job you useless parasite.
What a useless, cowardly piece of shit you are, Ian Smith. If I heard you say that to the man's face, I'd punch you the fuck out. Just say no to being a fucking douchebag.
"I'd punch you the fuck out. Just say no to being a fucking douchebag."
Don't you just love that peace and love from the tolerant left?"

"What a useless, cowardly piece of shit you are, Ian Smith"
Coming from someone who doesn't use their real name in the byline, I think cowardly is not the adjective you want to use 'I Hate Fascist Scum'.

Don't fell bad IHFS, I give you 10 out of 10 on the entertainment value of your post.
You never know what happened that put these people out of homes. Illness, mental illness, personal tragedy that crushed their will to go on, combat or post traumatic stress or physical disability. You'd rather assume they are all simply lazy so you don't feel bad for not giving a shit. In a time where healthy Americans WITH homes, clean clothes, and resources from caring family members can't find a job you assume he's just a lazy piece of shit for not putting on his ironed slacks and tie and working 40 hours a week.
Thanks for showing us how out of touch and uncaring you are.
Big ups to Nate, for some rationale words. What happened to Americans caring for each other. In the last 20 years people have turned into a bunch of Me Me Me screw everybody else mentality.

I'm a Vet, after I got discharged honorably I was homeless for abit and big thanks to all the people that helped me out.

People like Ian and Andy are a nothing but Trolls, and one day they might lose their jobs and ended up homeless then see how they feel and understand how hard it is to get off the streets.
While Ian Smith is a megadouche, it is also a mistake to be too generous in what you presume about Alcante out of some sense of pity.

That specific man is, in fact, a parasite. Whether he can be blamed for how he got where he got in life is up for debate, but as it stands is he is a user and an abuser of himself and others. Andy has been in and out of jail for all sorts of Bad Things over the last few decades. In fact, he was arrested just this June for dealing coke downtown.

I tried to help him get his shit together once upon a time. I spent 4 months and way-too-much-money trying to help him get clean, and stay housed; providing emotional and material support; reuniting him with his family... He returned the favor by kicking in a hotel door and trying to kill me. That's another story for a different time-- but in the little ideological spat going on in these comments, I can offer this perspective.
i doubt what you say about this fellow is true. your post seems emblamatic of a pathological liar. i know for a fact you have never met the guy. i wrote this article and made that name up.
Business interests are "understandably upset" about people banding together to survive? Why aren't they "understandably upset" about people having to sleep in doorways?
Why aren't they "understandably upset" about the PDC taking money from affordable housing fund and putting it into commercial projects so they can line developers' pockets? Why aren't they upset about tax laws that continue to enrich the few, while life for the rest of us gets more and more tenuous?

Not all business people are hostile to R2DToo. One restaurant owner down the street brings soup. Other community groups have donated lots of supplies. It doesn't take too much to realize that the line between being homeless and housed is very thin. We have everything to gain by solidarity here.

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