Occupy Shuts Down Oakland: A general strike and march shuts down Oakland's port and downtown, while police turn to tear gas.

Ruh Roh: New sexual harassment claims against Herman Cain.

The Afghan Handoff: White House officials leaked that we might shift troops in Afghanistan into an "advisory role" next year. How would that work?

The Men Behind the War on Women: They're old, they're religious, they're infuriatingly powerful.

Obama vs. the Environment: Will Obama cave and allow a giant oil pipeline from Canada to Mexico? Or will encircling the White House with protesters convince him otherwise?

Solar Scandal: Republicans subpoena White House documents about the flopped solar deal with Solyndra.

Y'all Are Spies! The US accuses China and Russia of internet trickery.

Mexico Tells Immigrants to Go Home: Mexico's border shelters are filling up amid record US deportations.

The Problem With "Creatives": Wowzer, look at the gendered pay split for jobs in the "creative class."


Annnnnd... an infographic of Michael Bay explosions.