David Anthony Burgess
  • David Anthony Burgess
The 30-year-old man charged with pushing a Portland police sergeant into a moving TriMet bus last night has a history with the law: In 2009, David Anthony Burgess was convicted of misdemeanor sexual battery in Salt Lake City in connection with his role at a sketchy massage parlor.

Burgess managed a Reiki parlor in Salt Lake City that offered "sensual reiki" and employed only female masseuses, several of whom were advertised on the parlor's website as being attractive and wearing bikinis on the job. The owner of the massage parlor, Travon Jackson, was convicted of prostitution and rape in 2009. Burgess, accused of raping two women who came in for job interviews, plead guilty to misdemeanor sexual battery and sentenced to a year in jail.

Portland Police confirmed today that the Burgess currently in custody is the same guy as the man in the Utah case. He is being held on $10,500 bail for three misdemeanors and a felony stemming from last night's incident. The officer he allegedly pushed into the bus was hurt, but did not need to go to the hospital.

Looks like he was one bad apple in this big march—definitely not a sympathetic figure.

Hat tip to all-star Mercury commenters Nerdliness and Graham who found Burgess's info online!