Money Swapping: Today is National Bank Transfer Day. If you're feelin' it (and your bank doesn't close super early today) join thousands across the nation and ditch your corporate bank. Mayoral candidate Jefferson Smith approves.

In Sad News: Andy Rooney, iconic commentator and former host of '60 minutes', dies at age 92.

Bad Move: After calling Afghan leaders "isolated from reality" in an interview, top U.S. general Peter Fuller is fired.

Breathe Easy: Turns out China's elite not only get government sedans and high-end produce, they are offered filtered air for their homes, a high-end commodity in the heavily air-polluted country. How does this happen?

There Goes my Investment: Dippin' Dots, the "future of ice cream" and the strangely hip treat of my awkward middle school years, files for bankruptcy. WHAT WILL ICE CREAM DO NOW?

Product Placement: The bizarre, completely unadulterated journey of McDonald's McRib. Spoiler alert: it starts in a Nebraska chemistry lab.

Hip Hot Spots: According to a study put out by the Brookings Institute, Portland is the seventh most popular resting point for young adults. The first? Denver, CO. LET'S MOVE IMMEDIATELY.

On a No-Shave November Note: Why having a mustache is A+. I wouldn't know.