Election Day! If you live in downtown Portland, cast your ballot today for your Congressman or woman. We say vote for Brad Avakian.

Mississippi Moment of Truth: Meanwhile, southern state votes today on whether a fetus is a person.

Did Bank Transfer Day Have an Impact? Some branches didn't see much of a boost, but account openings at Umpqua are up 50 percent.

The Bank of Wal-Mart: Thousands of people use Wal-Mart to cash checks rather than pay bank fees.

Yes We Cain: Sharon Bialek goes public on a string of talk shows with sexual harassment accusations against Herman Cain.

Switcheroo: Obama's Chief of Staff is demoted.

Ballsy: A French magazine is firebombed for publishing cartoons of Mohammed, so what do they do? Publish a cover featuring a Muslim and French man making out.

Christo Crazy: The feds okay Christo's next big art project: Draping some shimmering fabric over the Arkansas River.

Giveth and Taketh Away: A Salem woman is in jail after giving a homeless man $5 and the demanding it back at gunpoint.

Awesome Colombian Protest Outfit: Love it.