War is Over. After nine years, the war in Iraq is officially over. We will still have 4,000 troops on the ground at two bases, however, and the war may never really be over for the 32,226 Americans wounded in action in Iraq.

What Does it All Mean? Does the pullout from Iraq "herald a world of instability" or is it the "death knell" of an empire?

Speaking of War: Did Iran hijack a US drone?

China Cleans Up: The country is getting on the anti-smoking bandwagon.

It Gets Better: Unemployment claims are the lowest in three years.

Yay! We're Intentionally Killing Fewer People! The death penalty drops off—states are executing almost half as many people as they were ten years ago.

In Terrible News: A new study says one in five American women has been sexually assaulted.

Raucous Caucus: Only two weeks till the Iowa caucus! Where do all the GOP candidates stand on issues, anyway?

IKEA Building an Entire Neighborhood: Entirely from tiny meatballs! J/K. But they are designing a 1,200-home subdivision in London.

Moonshine Disaster: One bad batch of bootleg liquor kills 140 people in India.

Spiders Are Gross: Some of them have brains so big, their brains spill into their legs.

Dogs Get Their Day in Court: This week will go down in history as the time Multnomah County public defender Chris O' Connor subpoenaed a dog. [EDIT: photo of adorable dog waiting for court was removed. Turns out the photo belongs to the Oregonian, not the Washington Post]