Terrible Things: A suicide attack in Iraq yesterday killed 30 people.

Shrinkage: Obama outlines his billions in cuts to the military.

Mubarak Stares Death in the Face: Egyptian prosecutors seek the death penalty for deposed ruler Hosni Mubarak.

The American Ream: Poor people are more likely to stay poor in the US than in Canada and Western Europe.

Apply Pays Up: The tech giant shells out $5 million in iPad patent disputes.

The 20 Worst Things Santorum Has Ever Said: It wasn't hard to put together a list.

Kodak Bankrupt: First they came for the real film, then the post office. What does Kodak's sad demise mean?

Back of the Bus! Israeli women protest against bus segregation.

Today in: Whose Racist?! Chevron.

Is Anyone Creeped Out By This? Births of twins have doubled in 30 years. Mmmm... fertility drugs.

Also, This: Casey Anthony (remember her?) is vlogging!