Republican Whacko Vote-Off: Round Two. As New Hampshire heads to the polls, Mitt Romney is the supposed front runner.

What Are You Going to do with that Extra $5 Million? Just give it away to Newt Gingrich's Super PAC.

Surprise, Surprise: Rick Santorum says some more dumb stuff about gay people, this time that having a father in prison is preferable to having same-sex parents.

Pakistani Bus Bomb: Someone blew up a bus in Pakistan, killing 25 people.

Nuclear Nonsense: The UN confirms that, yep, Iran has a bunker full of uranium they're trying to enrich.

Down with the Patriarchy: Egypt overthrew its dictator, but women are finding that winning equality is far off.

Cream Filing Filing: Hostess, maker of the venerable Twinkie, files for bankruptcy.

Police... for the Children! Cops in Texas schools ticket thousands of kids a year, issuing misdemeanors for crimes like throwing paper airplanes.

NSFW: The Supreme Court weighs whether the FCC can really crack down on fleeting vulgarities.

Beyonce as Baby Mama: Lenox Hill Hospital patrons complain that about Beyonce's high security neo-natal ward.

Today in the Death of Books: Old books carved into cool landscapes.