Perry is Outta Here! The lagging candidate drops out of the race and endorses Gingrich.

Speaking of Gingrich: Did you know he's an advocate of open marriage?

Revisionist History: A careful vote count from the Iowa caucus shows Santorum, not Romney took the most votes.

Good News, Earth Lovers! Obama rejected a permit needed for the Keystone Pipeline!

Good News, Internet Lovers! Key Republicans are backing off support of SOPA and PIPA.

Priceless Guilt: Rupert Murdoch's company settles with 36 phone hacking victims, including Jude Law.

Stranger than Fiction: Now some severed hands have been found near the Hollywood sign.

Also a Future Hollywood Movie: The Ugandan Little League team that was denied visas to the US finally gets to play their big game.

Ice, Ice Baby: Ugh, I'm so jealous of Seattle and all their snow.

OMG LNG: Local environmentalists appeal the big natural gas project that's headed for Coos Bay.

Colbert's Super PAC! Has a new ad, this one narrated by Samuel L. Jackson: