Taxing Race: Mittens Romney releases his tax return—looks like he doesn't pay 15 percent in taxes, but 13.9 percent. Also, he's got money in Bermuda! Reporter field trip!

Mitt the Bounty Hunter: Now Romney is offering a $1.5 million award for details on Newt's contract with Freddie Mac.

The "Dark Side" of Islam: Over 1,400 New York City police officers were shown a crazy Islamaphobic training video that said, for exapmple, that Islamic people were trying to take over the White House.

Meanwhile... The FBI is investigating a Connecticut police force for rampant racial profiling.

The Forbidden Beard: Disneyland relaxes its archaic dress code rules for employees by a hair. Literally, Magic Kingdom workers can now have beards!

WikiLeaksTV: Julian Assange is starting a talk show!

Leaks 2.0: A former CIA agent who wrote a book called The Reluctant Spy is now charged with leaking classified info to journalists.

JFK's Secret Tapes: The late president's library releases another 45 hours of JFK's secret tapes.

Solar Storm!! Apparently we're undergoing the worst solar storm in six years—radiation for all!

And the Award Goes to... The Oscar nominations are out, if anyone cares.

Occupy Igloo! Protesters of the Global Economic Forum in Switzerland are building awesome igloos for their camp out.