News Jan 26, 2012 at 4:00 am

Unpermitted Pod to Reopen After City Shutdown


I hope that Westerman get his permits in order, re-builds trust with cart owners, and re-opens.

This was a nice cart pod to have on NE 20th, and certainly nicer than piles of trash and one, wet, soggy couch.
BDS is at least as responsible for this fiasco as Westerman, it was their atrocious zoning decision that blew up the cart pod in the first place. Where is their accountability?
Awesome. Theyre moving the toilets away from the street and right up against my back yard, next to the trash bins. Joe was out there overseeing this and I went and talked to him about it and he say "Thats just part of life in the city". Wow, so fucking glad I helped support to get this pod re-opened so he could completely fuck us like this. Look forward to the smell and noise of them vacuuming the shit out twice a week at 7 AM. Douchebag

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