Yay WA Gays! The legislature passes gay marriage! Now all equality needs is a sign-off from the governor.

New Nukes: The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission approves the first new nuclear reactors in the US since 1978.

Prince Racks Up Kills!!! Prince Harry is deployed to Afghanistan to "kill insurgents," like the world is a video game.

Femme Front: The Pentagon catches up to the late 20th century, nixing some restrictions on the jobs women can have in the military.

Obama's Approval Rating Sort of Improves: For some strange reason, the past two years have been pretty rough on Obama's economic approval rating. Maybe his new campaign mix tape is helping his image?


Backing Off No Child Left Behind: The Obama administration is letting 10 states opt out of the controversial education program.

Assault in Homs: Live updates from the bloody trouble in Syria.

Greeks Ink Deal: Greece agrees to cut its spending in exchange for a massive bailout from the EU.

Everybody Start Driving Again: The ice caps are melting at serious speed—but not as fast as scientists thought.

Book Fight! Major bookstores like Barnes and Nobel are boycotting Amazon titles.

In Sad Implosion News: Kodak is going to stop making cameras.

New York Fashion Week Begins: Let us ogle the 16-year-olds and wonder if they're sad.

Whales: Not People. A somewhat hilarious ruling on PETA's anti-Seaworld case.