Holy crap! Outcry by the medieval-inflected Roman Catholic Church has Barack Obama promising an "accommodation" over new a rule requiring insurance plans, even those provided by people who genuflect to unelected old men in fancy robes, to offer free birth control to women.

Greece's two largest unions have embarked on a flash 48-hour general strike to protest austerity budget-cutting measures meant to keep the government from defaulting on its debts. Trains and ferries are sitting idle, but not police, naturally, who are gassing protesters.

Here's another story, like most of them over the past several months, about how violence in Syria—a pair of suicide bomb strikes, this time—is "escalating" and putting the country on the "brink of civil war."

One day soon, the water you use to dissolve your Kool-Aid powder will have been excreted from someone's disease-riddled bladder.

The Alabama Republican in charge of the House committee that oversees the nation's banking and finance industries is under an ethics investigation for "possible violation of insider-trading laws."

Proving that even animals can't just tolerate insufferable morning shows, a rescued dog annoyed at being paraded in front of cameras bit an anchorwoman in the face.

Argentina has crawled into its time machine and aimed it for the United Nations, where it plans to protest Britain's "militarisation" [sic] of the Falklands.

Equating Occupy protesters with violent gangsters, Oakland is employing the same kind of exclusion-zone "stay-away" orders it normally uses to (controversially) keep hoodlums from hanging out together in their favorite places.

After a run of police shootings in Washington, DC, the Washington Post interviews four officers who've killed someone at some point in their careers about the toll it's taken on them.

The FBI figured out that Steve Jobs was an asshole who enjoyed drugs.

Los Angeles officials say we're all stupid for thinking county officials just made it illegal (and expensive if caught) to throw volleyballs around at the beach. A new law, they said, just made doing all that stuff more legal.