Willard Romney repeated the word "conservative," or some variant of it, at least 24 times as he tried to convince skeptical (and maybe Mormon-hating) right-wingers that he's the least terrible choice to represent the Republican Party against the Soviet-style tyranny of Barack Obama. “A little bit like the guy on the playground who gives himself a nickname” because no one else will do it, said Eric Kohn, 30, a public relations professional from Chicago who wore a lapel pin that said “Capitalism.”

Anyone down for a "brokered convention" that rejects the four current duds... in favor of Jeb Bush? (No, not me, either.)

The president will be back on the campaign trail
Monday, when he releases a rehashed federal budget plan that reads like a red-meat liberal's wish list at Communist Christmas, which most certainly is NOT an oxymoron. Moron.

And, ladies and gentlemen, over on the far stage, Syria remains a horrible place with no easy solution in sight for the paternalistic Western powers squabbling over how to stave off full-on civil war.

Iran is about ready to announce "nuclear progress," but probably not in the way I like to announce such things, after a night of sucking down cheap American lager and shoveling in loose, fatty ground beef. It's an election year over there, too, it seems.

Five of Rupert Murdoch's "top journalists" at the Sun have been arrested on suspicion of bribing cops and other public officials as part of News Corp.'s sleazy phone-hacking scandal.

Bahrain is gassing protesters.
Again. Which is better than outright killing them, except that protesters say all the gassing actually has been killing people.

Pointing out ignorance and racism at a lily-white university? Pretty funny. Dressing up in blackface to do it? Um, yeah... no...

Like, Libya really wants to kill one of Moammar Qaddafi's surviving children, but Niger totally won't let them.

The Vatican has been a hive of intrigue, about a bunch of things, amazingly, that have nothing to do with child rape: money-laundering, assassination plots, and corruption.