In Supreme Hands: The Supreme Court concluded its three-day-long health care marathon yesterday. Now what?

Fire Ze Missiles: North Korea is allegedly filling a "harmless" rocket with fuel for a test rocket launch. No one's that happy about it.

Chaos in la Calle: Hundreds of Spanish union members take to the Madrid streets (clogging traffic—oh no!) to protest recent labor reforms.

Lost a Legend: RIP Earl Scruggs, bluegrass and country music pioneer. The legendary banjo picker was 88.

Box Store No More: Best Buy closes 50 stores nationwide and turns to a smaller store model to compete with similar companies.

By the Beard of Zeus: It's official: Anchorman 2 is on its way. Will Ferrell, Paul Rudd and Steve Carell are all on board.

That Doesn't Fly: A Long Beach, CA to Seattle plane ride took an abrupt stop in PDX to dispose of a family with two unruly children.

This Shit is Bananas: This is what it's like to be terrified of Bananas.

Now for some ladywords: