Foxconn cleans up its act. The manufacturing giant best known for making iPads and iPhones has agreed, following Apple’s insistence, to cut back on excessive amounts of overtime at its factories. This comes after an audit by the Fair Labor Association.

Hacker found. Attacks on Tibetan activists as well as an Indian and Japanese company have been linked to an employee at China’s leading Internet portal.

French police arrest 19 suspected Islamic militants. The raids were carried out in the hometown of Mohamed Merah, the gunman who killed seven people including three school children.

Still hoping, former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan continues his attempts to broker peace for war-torn Syria.

Japanese tsunami debris should hit the Oregon coast any day now, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

While in Japan, the government is expected to lift the ban on returning to cities near the Fukushima nuclear plant.

Nazi sympathizer offers tips on leadership. The Portland cop suspended in 2010 for erecting tributes to Nazi soldiers will now provide leadership training for the Portland police.

Even on the run Osama bin Laden knew how to live it up. He owned five houses and fathered four children according to a new report.

Power to the pollinators! Two studies say pesticides are responsible for the sudden spike in honeybee deaths.

Americas rush to buy lottery tickets as the MEGA MILLIONS jackpot (as of this post) hits $640 million. And while players are more likely to get struck by lightning then to actually win, there’s no shame in putting a down payment on a dream.

And here’s one man who did.

Batman pulled over in Maryland. Apparently the Batman symbol alone doesn’t qualify as a license plate. Who knew?