News May 17, 2012 at 4:00 am

The Downtown Malt Liquor Ban Is in Trouble


Yessssssss!!! Because the malt liquor ban has done an awesome job of curbing downtown bum/gutter punk hijinx....Maybe Amanda Fritz should take a little weekend bikeride around old town sometime....
Actually, most of the down town crime related to alcohol has far more to do with weekend douchey club-goers than it does homeless people and squatters who mostly reside in down town. I tried pointing out as much during a public meeting at City Hall back in 2010.
i am relieved to know that this ban won't affect my purchase of my 6.4% Obsidian Stout in the downtown area. Nor will this ban affect my free wheelin' party going as i cruise the various bars & clubs that serve liquor that is...what percentage, again?
So, this ban is an attempt to do what? Scourge homeless people from the area for the sake of "tourists" ( & btw, what tourists comes to Portland, Oregon to see our Chinatown? ) Or, is this a misguided & ill-funded attempt to help our hopeless & homeless population out? For, surely any & all monies spent supporting this stupid bill could have been better spent on, i don't know, a new shelter? Treatment programs for Vet's with debilitating PTSD or kids running scared from from abuse. But, this is where the money goes. This is where the focus goes. The symptom, not the cure. Because who cares about helping or curing the lost & the broken when business & money is on the line. Welcome to America, folks.
This so-called "Alcohol Impact Area" is just the sort of personal pet-peeve that Amanda Fritz tried imposing soo zealously. She was just as puritanical when a foodcart (ONE foodcart) applied for - and was granted by OLCC - a license to serve beer and wine.

This is EXACTLY why i did not want her to re-win her City Councilman seat. Looks like she and Mary Nolan will be heading for a steel-cage re-match in Nov.
Aren't there already laws regarding public intoxication? If that really is the issue, why not dedicate more time and resources toward outreach workers and - if needed for the violent, screaming types - police?
OHHHH NO! We hate poor people! We can't have them scaring the damn tourists away. FUCK the tourists, I am sick of them taking up space and deciding on moving their 2.5 kids and dog into my fucking neighborhood. Portland is so hypocritical sometimes.

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